Bites of snacks and sip of the hot beverage are all one wants in the rainy season especially Mumbai rains. I feel so relaxed and happy looking at the washed greenery everywhere, while sometimes I do get lazy and like to be in bed and enjoy at times it affects my food cravings.

I love to relish a garam adrak wali chai or at times hot coffee or hot chocolate with some crunchy pakoras while looking at the downpour outside. But these snacks disturb our clean eating and mindful eating practice which is not good for healthy living.



Here we are yet again with 15 guilt-free monsoon food ideas 

  1. Dry bhel chaat 
  2. Makhana chaat
  3. 2 Eggs +Stir fried veggies
  4. A healthy bowl of dahi with fruits, nuts, and seeds.
  5. Corn chaat 
  6. Roasted corn cob with lime and chaat masala
  7. Grilled vegetable sandwiches
  8. Ragda patty with mixed beans or mixed veggies pattie rather than aloo ki pattie with chole or Ragda
  9. Mix sprouts with green spicy Chutney, sweet dates Chutney, Garlic Chutney.
  10. Millet noodles with veggies 
  11. Rajma Chinese chaat 
  12. Vegetable poha 
  13. Paneer mix veg paratha 
  14. Healthy missal 
  15. Vegetable soup


Here are a few to list, do comment below on which healthy snack you enjoy during the monsoon.

Let’s give our favorite tea or coffee the best companion. Choose wisely. As I always say, stay connected and stay healthy. Stay connected for more on monsoon care and monsoon recipes.


Enjoy the monsoon.