What do you prefer in summer?
This summer beat the heat with these cool drinks. It’s important to have portion control as few drinks would be sugar-laden too.
1. Coconut water: The best choice in our list is a low-calorie super healthy and delicious Coconut water, it makes a naturally refreshing drink and consists of 48-50 calories per glass.
Pro tip: Want to make something interesting, soak chia seeds for 1 -2 hours add chia seeds to coconut water and enjoy chilled chia coconut drink ( want me to make reels or recipe video )
2. Lemon water: Nimbu paani is the best drink for summers, it is rich in vitamin C 40-45 kcal.
Pro tip: Add honey instead of sugar ( mind the portion sugar is sugar whichever form it is in ), Experiment with flavors.
3. Buttermilk: Buttermilk is a good choice too, it is easy to digest and keeps your electrolytes in check as we sweat a lot these days, it’s a good probiotic also good for the gut. 1 tetra pack of buttermilk has 50 kcal.
Pro tip: Make it at home, super easy and delicious ( want me to make a recipe video ) you can make it in many ways and flavors.
Dietitian Desk:
Super summer drinks and their nutrition value :
Lemon Ice Tea – 1 glass – 110 kcal & 30 g of sugar;
Aerated drinks -1 glass – 140-150 kcal;
Orange juice – 1 glass -145 kcal (as you add sugar )
So the choice is yours#choosewisely. One drink can ruin your full diet routine. once in a while enjoying the drink is OK, but not daily and portion control is the key!
Enjoy happy summers and do take pics and at us!
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