The only way to reverse PCOD is lifestyle changes balanced meals, take care of nutrition and supplements, sleep and habits, stress management. adding superfood to your meals helps a lot in reversing PCOD
Superfood like :
1. Cinnamon Powder – Cinnamon is a well-known insulin sensitizer. Cinnamon also helps in losing weight, which will help in hormone balancing helps in reversing PCOD. 
When & How to consume: 1 Glass of warm water with a pinch of cinnamon powder first thing in the morning. 
2. Spearmint Tea – Spearmint tea is the most calming and beneficial superfood. Long-term use can reduce hirsutism isn’t it amazing? It helps to elevate your mood also.
 When &How to consume:  1 glass of super mint green tea/super mint-infused water / super mint lemonade mid-day or 4-5 evening  
3.Flaxseeds – When flaxseed is added to your PCOS diet, it helps reduce testosterone levels and improves lipid profile, both of which help manage and control PCOS.
When and How to consume: A pinch of flax seeds powder on dahi or chew flax seeds post-meal ( roasted) 
4.Fenugreek Seeds – Fenugreek seeds promote glucose metabolism in the body and improve insulin resistance. This helps in balancing your hormones.
When and How to consume: Boil water with one spoon fenugreek “( methi ) and let it reduce to half and have in the morning.
5.Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple cider vinegar helps to control blood sugar and produces less insulin. Less insulin means less testosterone. It will also help you lose weight
When and How to consume: 1 spoon with lemon, honey as a replacement to evening tea . or Pre Meals 
Drop me a “💓 “, if this is helpful.
Incorporate into your meals and see the result yourself.

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