PCOD is a condition in which the ovaries contain many immature or partially mature eggs. They, eventually, turn into cysts.
*Common symptoms of PCOD are:
*Irregular periods, 
*Abdominal weight gain,
*Infertility, and male pattern hair loss.
The ovaries usually become enlarged and secrete large amounts of androgens that cause havoc with the woman’s fertility and her body.
PCOS is a metabolic disorder that is more severe than PCOD.
In this condition, the ovaries produce a higher quantity of the male hormone, and this leads to the formation of more than ten follicular cysts in the ovary every month.
This stops the release of the egg leading to anovulation. Symptoms include :
*Hair loss,
PCOS is a serious condition. PCOD is not considered a disease.PCOS is a metabolic disorder.
PCOD is more common. Almost a third of the women around the world suffer from PCOD. PCOS has a lower number.
PCOS has serious complications. Women who suffer from PCOS are at risk of developing diabetes, cardiac-vascular issues, obesity.
PCOS is visible early in life. Girls who suffer from PCOS show symptoms of the disease since their teenage years. Acne, excessive hair growth, and weight gain are from a younger age due to metabolic disturbances.
Those with PCOD don’t have significant fertility issues. PCOD women with a bit of medical help can conceive. Women who suffer from PCOS, struggle with infertility. They even have higher rates of miscarriages.
Those with PCOD can still ovulate regularly. The women with PCOD may have similar symptoms as PCOS, but they retain the ability to ovulate periodically and can conceive successfully. However, those with PCOS do not ovulate due to a severe hormonal imbalance that disturbs the process of ovulation.

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