Do you sleep well?
Are you tired all day?
Do you feel sleepy all the time?
Mood swings are taking upon you?
You feel low on energy?
That’s because of less sleep or distributed sleep.
Some of the problems that arise due to sleep disturbances are :
1. Increase in inflammation in the body
2. Risk of type-2 diabetes
3. Disturbed appetite
4. Weight gain
5. Increase in sugar cravings
6. Affects fertility7. Losing weight is difficult8. Mood swings 9. Irritation 10. Headache and stress
So to reverse PCOD, you need to sleep well.
Some sleep ritual to follow :
1. Sleep the same time every day, your body will set according to the routine and it would help a lot.
2. Bedtime yoga fn stretches work to relax the mind and body and get a good night’s sleep.
3. Avoid bright lights in the bedroom at night
4.No electronic gadgets 30 min before bedtime. It calms your mind from wandering between thoughts and you feel relaxed.
5. Eat protein-rich bedtime snacks like almonds, walnuts if needed.
6. Add magnesium to your diet as a supplement. It is a calming mineral. Aid sleep.
7. Bedtime affirmation ritual
8. A good skincare ritual
Hope this is helpful, if yes drop us ‘YES’.

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