Delay in periods is commonly faced by PCOD women/ girl,  finding the root cause can help in reversing it, and it’s a long process and might take some time so meanwhile  for dealing with late periods, try these few effective tips it can help you👇
Don’t panic or take the stress. During stress, the hormones are affected & it might cause more delay in periods. 
What can you do?
Practice relaxation techniques like Yoga/Meditation.
2. BECOME POPEYE -THE SAILER MAN ! 🙂 ( Dah, it was a joke  ) I mean Add greens –
Green leafy vegetables are a superfood. It has fiber, iron, and a rich source of antioxidants.
How to add green to your meals?
Add palak, coriander to the paratha, roti, thepla, dal.
Have at least one serving of green leafy veggies every day 
3 . ART OF IGNORING  ( see recent reel to know more on it ):
Ignore not just toxic people but also sugary food. High sugar food can affect the hormones that control your insulin levels, which can lead to an increase in levels of reproductive hormones like estrogen & testosterone that make your period late.
How to avoid sugar?
Join our No sugar challenge 
Exercising/Walk 45-50 min daily. But no high intensity or strenuous workout as it interrupts the balance of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis. This hypothalamus is the control center of your period cycle & through the pituitary and ovary, it triggers ovulation. If this axis is interrupted, the ovulation also gets affected. so go slow, but do it consistently baby!
What to do? 
45- 50 minutes of walk regularly gradually changes workout with professional help and guidance. 
We also call it the period vitamin, as it’s more than 70% of PCOD women /girls have a deficiency of Vitamin D . and Vitamin D plays a crucial role in hormone balancing too. 
How to take Vitamin D?
Take a supplement of its deficiency.
Daily exposure to sunlight without sunscreen for at least 25-35 min.
Pro tip: Enjoy breakfast /Workout under the sun
P.s These are general tips, plz see a professional if it’s more delay.

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