Are you a foodie like me? I’m a foodie who wants to lose weight and have you been in touch with a health professional for quite some time now and have been pestering her for months now to start a diet program and then always also give her an excuse of running short on time and not starting, then this is for you, do give it a try.

One of these days, while having a weight-loss discussion, with a client she told me about her problem of Binge eating and also being a foodie and loving her food!! I quietly kept listening and the next day, I send her self made notes and to give her guidelines, the one which was easy and doable along with hectic work schedules…

Let me share it here –

1. Tackle stress with positive thoughts and overcome it in a mindful way rather than binge eating

2. Stock up healthy, be on a see diet i.e eat what you see. You stock healthy fruits, nuts instead of chips fried snacks.

3. Have a tall glass of water. Divert your mind.
4. Think about your favorite outfit you wanna a fit in trust me it helps a lot keep, you motivated.
5. Maintain a food diary, write all that you eat. Write your goal at beginning of the page. At end of the day study your eating habits and try to change them.

Aren’t they simple? Give it a try


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