Your body experiences changes in energy levels, metabolism, and even food preference in chilly winter.

Winterizing not just your Wardrobe, but also your diet can be healthy and tasty too. Winter food has a lot of health benefits, so leys stock up for healthy winter food this season.

My winter grocery list :
-Stock up all Rainbow veggies and fruits
-Winter special veggies like – beetroot, green leafy veggies, sweet potatoes, garlic, onion, amla, fresh turmeric, etc
-Apple cider vinegar
-Green tea
-All dal
-All flours Ragi, nachni, Jowar, Bajra, wheat
-Nuts and berries and seeds
-For sweet tooth jaggery, dates and figs raisins(need to keep eye on portion size )
-Oil, ghee
-Edible dink for traditional sweet recipes made with pure ghee.

This is my grocery list.

What’s yours?

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