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Violet Idiyappam nest

Its a healthy twist in traditional Idiyappam
For Violet color:
*Soak jambu ( black plump/ Jambul / Black jambul/ Indian blackberry etc)
*Deseed them carefully.
*Blend the pulp in the blender by adding 2-3 spoons if wastewater and pinch of salt.
*Strain the pulp and keep aside ( use immediately )
For Idiyappam :
*2 ½ cups roasted rice flour ( You can roast at home )
*1 cups salted boiling water( use as per need)

*Place rice flour in a heatproof bowl.
*Add the violet pulp and mix well Add warm water little by little and stir with a spoon. Mix you smooth dough when warm ( maybe warm be careful)
*Brush the idiyappam steamer or idli steamer lightly with oil.
*Fill the greased idiyappam press( chalky press) with the dough, and close with a lid.
*Press into noodles onto the greased idli steamer molds.
*Place the idli molds in the steamer.
*Close with lid. Steam for 5- 6 minutes.
*Turn off the heat. Leave the steamer to cool slightly before opening the lid.
*Serve warm but if your sending your child for tiffin add little ghee and pack in foil paper.
🐦For garnish
*I wanted to make it as a Bird’s nest with egg 🥚 and sparrows🐦.
*For nest place the idiyappam like nest close to each other.
*For 🥚 egg make roll cheese or paneer ( I used cheese @britanniacheese ) into a round shape
For making it more colorful you can add @cadburydairymilkin Gems
For sparrow, I used sparrow cookie mold and cut paneer using it and sprinkles chat masala 🐥🐤 Sprinkle it with chocolate flakes

Enjoy the nest with a pure veg egg😅😆 Do give it a try and tag us
#slimpissiblediet and #themagicplatter
And comment below if you like it.

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Ps: I’m not a master, just learning food art, ignore the mistake.😅🥰


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