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SlimPossibleDiets has been setup with a vision to provide women an opportunity to lead a healthy and fit life as we believe ‘Health Is Wealth.’ Every one of us wants to be fit and healthy but all we need is someone who can be a catalyst to bring change in our life and as we all know life is not about finding yourself but it’s about creating yourself. 

Dt. Foram Krunal Modi

Owner and founder of SlimPossibleDiets

My aim is Make Weight Loss & Lifestyle management Easy, Engaging and Accessible to all. We make sure that clients are continuously monitored and motivated during the weight loss program. Follow up is important. We do not leave you alone once enrolled with us because it is crucial to any weight loss program as one can regain the lost weight if basic follow up routine is ignored so follow up and constant motivation and contact with the client is our principal . Our mantra is STAY CONNECTED , STAY HEALTHY.


Reached my dream weight

21st September 2020 weighed 69.6kgs and 64.1kgs  on 21st Oct 2020. I am down by 5.5 kgs 
Lifestyle changes now after following your diet for a month :
▶My dinners are early.
▶My food scheduled is set and follows it even when out as it’s become a habit of eating on time.
▶Earlier the plate full of food would satisfy me, but now I eat mindfully and half a plate is enough.
▶No binge eating episodes.
▶I enjoyed meals guilt-free, I enjoyed all recipes shared by Foram 
▶All my sugar cravings were controlled.
▶I can manage cheat days well without guilt.
▶My skin and hair are flawless and beautiful.

I have reduced weight and I’m fitting in all my old clothes

 I’m so happy the clothes which didn’t fit me for three years, even before pregnancy they were right… But now they fit me perfectly. You have helped me a lot in these two months and more than happy. It’s my responsibility to maintain this and eat clean and workout regularly now. Lost 14 kgs in 5 months, from 4XL  now I am LShe is the best person to consult her followups, her motivation helped me a lot. everyday follow up was working really for me I was on track and happy. I highly recommend her to all my friends. 

Reversed PCOD

Thanks dt. Foram, excellent services and you made balanced eating and mindful eating a habit, I can now enjoy all the delicacies without guilt and I just love your motivation, follow up and support. I would highly recommend your services to my friends. I lost 4.8 kgs in 24 days its remarkable results and I could see good improvement in my pcod that’s like a blessing.  Your dedication toward me and 1:1 consultation has helped me so much. Thanks 

Post Pregnancy Transformation

If she can do it, so can you. Our client @yaminigarg1001, after having a detailed consultation on her lifestyle, food habits, sleeping patterns, hunger prank, craving, and after studying her health assessment sheets, we suggest her to go for a post-pregnancy transformation plan, and she was so happy with the results.
She achieved her goals in a span of four months. started with 72 finished at 64.5 and lost 5 inches.

Post Pregnancy Transformation

Being a mother of 2 and in a joint family, I hardly had time for myself, but then it realized how losing weight and getting fir for important, then i came across Dietitian Foram and it turned out to be the best decision, she not only helped me fit into my old clothes but also helps me learn the importance of eating clean, self-care and my overall wellness was taken care too. I lost weight as well as got into a habit of drink an adequate amount of water, rest sleep, eating, and workout has become a daily habit for me. Thanks, Foram for make me a better me .


Some of the most easy and effective recipes especially for you to achieve your goal faster. Eat healthy and stay fit.

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