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Meet Mrs. Malushah, the star of the month, she joined us as she wanted to work on her relationship with food! She is a foodie and she uses to give in to craving and food and end up eating way too much. She has sinus, urticaria and frequent head issues so had to take medicine and pain killers too frequently. Had allergies too.
Her lifestyle before joining us :
▶Heavy dinners
▶Meal timing random
▶Loved eating spoons and spoons of bourn vita
▶Had sugar craving
▶Eat what she saw
She wanted to have a track of her health and eating patterns.
She joined us on 21st September 2020 weighed 69.6kgs and after following our diet and she is 64.1 on 21st Oct 2020. She is down by 5.5 kgs with @slimpossiblediet
Lifestyle changes now after following our diet for a month :
▶Her dinners are early.
▶Her food scheduled is set and follows it even when out as it’s become her habit of eating on time.
▶Earlier the plate full of food would satisfy her, but she eats mindfully and half a plate is enough for her.
▶No binge eating episodes
Only once or twice a month she faced sinus and cold cough that too due to extreme climate changes which weren’t the case earlier.
Hardly did she take her painkillers or medicine.
▶She enjoyed meals guilt-free
▶All her sugar cravings were controlled.
▶No more bourn vita eating.
▶No random craving
▶She can manage her cheat days well without guilt.
▶Her skin and hair are flawless and beautiful.
▶She enjoyed all recipes shared by us.
Congratulations Malu shah for changing your habits and lifestyle. Keep up your dedication and hard work.
So if you are looking forward to a transformation journey, come join us we curate diet keeping in mind your goals and lifestyle, and medical condition.

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6.6 Kgs in 105 Days
It makes me so happy when I see such good results. Those who take my diet plans, know it well, I give my 100% and for me, weight loss is not the only goal. We take care of your overall wellness. We take your sleep, mental health, habits, lifestyle, medical condition, skin, hair, and every smallest possible thing into consideration and plan diet as per your lifestyle. 
At @slimpossiblediet, we help you achieve your weight loss/inch loss goals along with lifestyle changes as it’s a lifelong commitment and not a temporary change.
No that doesn’t mean you do not get a chance to satisfy your craving. We teach you balancing and portion control.
Meet rockstar mom of two Mrs.Rashmi she started with
78kgs on 28 th July 2020 and 71.4 kgs on 10th November 2020
6.6 KGS IN 105 DAYS ( 3 MONTHS, 13 DAYS )
Isn’t it awesome!
If she can, So can you, as she is the mother of two and in joint set up couldn’t get more than 30 mins for work out.
With @slimpossiblediet diet plan sustainable, doable, and pocket-friendly results orientated.
All you need to do is DM me and your diet is just a click away.
Booking for plans open and connect to us for a free consultation.
Want to lose weight?

Results like this don’t come without dedication and hard work!
It’s a dietitian duty to give you diet, guidance, motivation, and push it’s your ( client’s ) duty to follow it, we can’t follow for you and give you results.
No magic works!
Only hard work shows results!
Follow it religiously and see the results yourself.
Do you agree?
Leave a, if you agree!
Booking for weight loss, clean eating, and post-pregnancy transformation is open!
Dm for booking.

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It’s been more than a year, @momzdiary, she was one of the most adorable, sweet, and genuine clients of @slimpossiblediet
She gave her 100% and so the result was visible.
She is one such client, who was ready to adopt new tastes, new habits, and new workout patterns and wanted to get fit.
She has had her cheats days too. She lost weight with the baby too.
So all new moms, who need the inspiration to start with your weight loss or fitness journey, she is the example.
If she can, so can you!
It’s all about dedication and determination.
Check out @slimpossiblediet profile and know how a simple change in lifestyles and clean eating can do wonders for your body.
Connect to us over a call or DM us
Email us —


We are so happy to see the transformation of super blogger Deepali @myteenytot She is not only 2kg( approx) lighter, but her lifestyle and eating pattern has also changed in just 2 weeks & She feels inch loss too. She is keen on clean eating and has understood the importance of eating clean & healthy. We are happy That she is spreading the awareness of clean eating and helping her followers with the knowledge she gained being a part of the slimpossiblediet family. Thanks, @myteenytot for promoting our concept of clean eating and healthy living.


If she can do it, so can you..🧚‍♀️ Our client @yaminigarg1001 , after having a detailed consultation on her lifestyle, food habits, sleeping patterns, hunger prank, craving and after studying her health assessment sheets, we suggests her to go for post-pregnancy transformation plan, and she was so happy with the results. She achieved her goals in span of four months. Want to fit in your pre pregnancy clothes? … Do drop us a message for consultation queries Book your slots with @slimpossiblediet Design : @shrutiscorner #slimpossiblediet #slimpossiblediettips #slimpossibledietbyforam #slimpossibledietrecipe #slimpossibledietservices #slimpossibledietreviews #slimpossiblediettestimonial #foramsslimpossiblediet #foramkmodi #mumbaiblogger #banglorebloggers #mumbaibloggers #indore #dietitianforamkmodi #dietplan #diet #cleaneating #dietician #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #sustainablediet #postpartumbody #postworkoutmeal #postpregnancy #fit #fitness #beyou

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The struggle in losing post pregnancy weight and later, happiness have no bounds once that is achieved. This is my latest Wakaomoment 😁😁
P.s :- Took clean-eating challenge under guidance by awesome dietician @slimpossiblediet @foramkmodi , thanks a lot dear 😘