When my little munchkin goes to sleep and I am enjoying my favorite “ME” time, my stomach growls and I want something tasty, sometimes sweet at times salty.

I always wonder what to eat at night or even during the day when I’m hungry, so decided to ask Foram for a healthy solution, and I’m here to share some of my favorites.

1. Salty popcorn ( you can add little Parmesan cheese to it when hot )

2. An apple with peanut butter spread on it and garnished with a little cocoa powder or cacao nibs
3. A brown bread slice with peanut butter and garnish with banana or strawberries or kiwi or nuts or dried berries or apple and dust some caster sugar or cinnamon (My favorite is brown bread with peanut butter and apple slices and a dash of cinnamon )

4. Carrots, cucumber, or any veggies of your choice with hummus dip 

5.Salted nuts
I have something more to share ….how about a quick recipe SPD’S SPECIAL

Chill the serving glass, make a base layer with flavored or plain yogurt or hung curd.

Add a thin layer of fruit jam ( optional )

Add a layer of fruits and berries

Add a layer of yogurt again
Top it with dark chocolate chips/sauce/cacao powder

Garnish with mint leaves or cherry or strawberry

You can use it for a week it remains fresh and yummies!

Mix nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, dates, chocolate powder/cocoa powder, dry berries, cardamon, a pinch of cinnamon, honey ( optional), and just churn in a mixer.
Roll it like a ball and roll it over coconut flakes and caster sugar mix

Isn’t it easy peasy give it a try and let us know.


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