Is your kitchen winter ready?

With the onset of winter, you need to rearrange your kitchen pantry with warmer food and immunity-boosting food groups, clear out the summer staples and popsicle and frozen stuff.

Below are a few easy tips to get your kitchen winter-ready.
• Arrange your Spices and condiments together, your lemon and lime juices together, jams and sauces, pickles together.
•Some winter-friendly foods such as sweet potatoes, yams, and squash, lime, amla, beetroot, green leafy veggies, oranges should be stock up.
•Lime and lemon are available in abundance in winter, squeeze the juice label it, and store in a glass bottle, this becomes an easy and quick option for a busy lifestyle.
•Clean your greens and wrap them in kitchen tissue or napkin or newspaper and store them in ziplock bags.
• For office goers, you can stock up green leafy veggies puree’ as it becomes quick and easy to cook the veggies gravy.
•Rearrange your summer herbs with winter herbs like mint, thyme, rosemary, basil, ginger, etc.
• Try cooking your meals with ghee and make sure it’s in portion.
• We have forgotten our traditional and regional recipes by adopting the western food culture of oats and quinoa. Once in while trying these options is ok, but we should not be forgetting the Indian eating pattern.
•Stock up with traditional food like an edible dink, ginger powder, multi, Haldi, etc. to make gudpapdi and ladoo.

It’s healthy if you have portion control.
•Stock up with grains, dals, and different flours to keep yourself warm this winter.

So these were some simple tips for rearranging your kitchen pantry. Do share your inputs on the same.

Have you rearranged your kitchen for winter?

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