Image may contain: 3 people, people standing and textEat for two, you are pregnant.! Have heard this many times, right?
Fortunately, I was pregnant with twins, but unfortunately, I lost one baby😞, doctors couldn’t find the reason, Maybe God had some better plans for me🙏. I still remember how I was told to eat thrice of what I use to eat because I was pregnant.

But I ate mindfully. Keeping in mind the nutrition that my body needs. I gained around 15 to 20 kgs, with thankfully not much bloating or swelling.
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Thanks to my eating and hydration habits. Not only did I have bumpy pregnancy, but scary delivery too; my pain started at 9 in the morning and Baby V popped in the womb, and I started vomiting green as the poison was spread in my body. And due to that, my body was shivering and couldn’t be controlled, had to take an injection on the chest situation was that my two sister had to hold me tight. I had to get five punchers for epidural done (due to shivering needle would bend). Immediately after the c-session at 7.47 pm, they had to take Baby V on oxygen and was under observation for a few hours. And my c session cut was left unattended for 15 mins due to which I had excess blood loss. But by God’s grace, I recovered soon.

After all, this, getting back to shape and going back to pre-pregnancy weight seemed difficult. But I made sure I let my body heal completely, and wasn’t in a hurry to lose weight at all.
I nourished my body and took care. After all, self-care is really important. It took me 2 years to lose 10 kgs.đŸ€­
Read why !!
Got a knee fracture and ligament tear when Baby V was 9 months old 😰😭. Trust those miserable days I had faced. Breastfeeding without bending the knee was a challenge. Baby V has been a mom’s boy and super clingy since birth, blessed much, by my family’s and husband’s support I made a quick recovery, but the other side was – I couldn’t work out for 6 months 😓. So finally after all the ups & down, I didn’t lose hope, I lost weight.!
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P.s. : The back pain still makes me mad at times and the fracture also didn’t heal as it should, so knee pain also makes my mobility issues if I overdo anything .

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Hence I took it slow. My diet was the main reason for my transformation.

Knowing what your body & mind need is important, quick results looks fascinating but it will also quickly take you back where you started..
Do share your story or any memories of your pregnancy below.


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