Boost Your Weight Loss 

1. It might sound cliche’, but losing weight always comes down to the lifestyle that you live. Junk, alcohol, and lack of sleep make weight-loss an uphill battle. It is ok to have these once in a blue moon, but if that is the life you are leading then it’ll definitely show on your body.

2.  After following the same workout regime for a couple of days lethargy and boredom might kick in. This is because your body gets comfortable with your workouts. Your muscles become more efficient and start to burn fewer calories. This is why it is important to switch up your routine every once in a while.

3. Try to say ‘NO’ … all that is offered to you need not be eaten. Remember you are not a dustbin. Try to say no to processed and packaged food. Don’t eat that last spoon of sabji because it is extra. Stick to portion control. Reuse the leftovers as evening snacks. Try dishes like pav bhaji as it has a lot of veggies, checkout  profile page, we have some amazing tips and trick and recipe. Which will surely save your day.

4.  Try to go walking to nearby places rather than taking your car.

5. Try to take the stairs as much as possible and avoid the lift.

6. Start your day with warm water.

7. A healthy breakfast, salad with lunch, and an early light dinner can make a lot of difference to your health.

These are simple tips to boost your weight loss.

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